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Portfolio Introduction

It is almost impossible to display all the work we've done since 1979. Styles change, fonts, and palettes considered "corporate" in the 80's will not hold up in this new century. In the 90's we had trends that influenced web and print pieces that horrify today. And "flashy design" overshadowed the actual products and services offered. Balancing the look that clients want with the design and flow that delivers results has always been tricky. We pride ourselves on the results-driven approach taken for all media, and strive to keep the message consistent with all visual communications. Below are some samples from more than two decades of high quality client work.


Business summary.  • Capabilities that match your business needs.
Familiarity with your business' issues.  • A portfolio of some of our work.
Myra Anson Nicholas Resumes: Graphics and Web Resume  •   Teaching Resume  •   Graphics and Mixed Media Resume
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