Working Group's goal is identify and explore where jobs are heading, necessary complimentary skills, and how to describe/find jobs/work in what has been rapidly becoming a very different environment .


  1. Identify skills necessary for today's job market and as a group, develop them.
  2. Give students a realistic history of the web and computer graphics. Discuss how businesses use websites then and now -- identify new areas of study.
  3. Explore content management systems, find areas of need and create jobs.
  4. Get non-tech businesses online: Help students develop simple sites for small businesses that just want a web presence.

Other, more personal goals:

  • Show schools what a web curriculum should include and describe the type of classes needed for today's jobs.
  • Introduce the hybrid curriculum and why business and marketing are necessary.
  • Show how design, creativity, strategy and marketing skills combine with web coding to create a valuable employee.